TOOLS 1-28

Identify, communicate and deliver customer-focused, realistic EXPECTATIONS that set the stage for strong relationships and high-quality transactions.  


TOOLS 29-62

CORE VALUE ethics and CORE COMPETENCY abilities will be central to everything you do now and in the future. Handled correctly, these operational components will enhance your brand and business.


TOOLS 63-94

Satisfying CUSTOMERS is the center point of business health. Understand perception through their lenses, and discover ways to improve your products and services. 


TOOLS 95-132

PROCEDURES establish sequential order to repetitive business actions. These reduce mistakes, deliver consistency to customers, ensure reliable profitability and create operational stability.


TOOLS 133-163

Providing professional follow-up and follow-through are essential ingredients for successful SERVICE delivery, customer satisfaction and long-term success.


TOOLS 164-201

Good COMMUNICATION demonstrates respect for time and money. Customers, associates and suppliers deserve quality, comprehensive, direct and understandable correspondence.   


TOOLS 202-233

In my career I have come to conclude, it is not the big MONEY that matters as much as the pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. Why? The disappearance of those small coins means losing hard-earned profits which, over time, lead to the big MONEY.


TOOLS 234-255

Complacency is the breeding ground for mediocrity. IMPROVEMENT is the catalyst for all we do.