Your Efforts Deserve BIG Results!

Your Efforts Deserve BIG Results!

Your Efforts Deserve BIG Results!Your Efforts Deserve BIG Results!Your Efforts Deserve BIG Results!

Achieve more output from your input.




SimpleBiz360™ consists of a book, programs, blogs and podcasts designed to assist solopreneurs, small businesses and leaders.

Thirteen years ago, founder Jeff Mason started and still operates a one-person sales agency in the Upper Midwest.

Combining this business ownership with a career focused on continuous IMPROVEMENT, the concepts found in SimpleBiz360™ are proven, practical, effective, and simple.



SimpleBiz360™ timeless suggestions enable businesses to earn quality Repeat & Referral customers, resulting in a better return on the investments of time and money.

The focus is on simple, business actions that are easy to understand, try and implement.


SimpleBiz360™ contains 255 IMPROVEMENT Tools arranged in eight operational areas.  

For example, expressing a genuine THANK YOU (Tool #70) is often overlooked and forgotten. Jeff personally bakes and delivers 2600-2900 cookies each December to demonstrate his authentic appreciation for customers.



SimpleBiz360™ desires to see you and your companies benefit from small IMPROVEMENTS that deliver powerful and long-term results.

The first time Jeff improved from using a new business skill, the experience changed him forever. 

"Further developing my workplace skills became a continuous quest in fifth gear. Years later I was able to share and teach proven ideas that developed young professionals. Leading others to experience lightbulb growth moments became exciting, gratifying and contagious."


SimpleBiz360™ was created out of that enthusiasm in hopes of helping solopreneurs, small businesses and professional leaders grow and develop.