Amazon Kindle Review - Hal Moran (10/22/19)

In full disclosure, I know Jeff Mason. We've been friends for years. I've followed his journey, and on occasion we've discussed many of the anecdotal stories he shares in his book.

Because I know him well, I can attest to his passion, integrity, creativity, business savvy, and desire to serve people.  Whether you're a maker, a trades-person, or service professional, you will quickly benefit from his practical insight. 

Jeff writes in a casual and humorous style which makes reading his book akin to having a chat with an old friend. So, please do me and millions of consumers a favor and pick up Jeff's book and apply his simple and timeless tools. As continual improvement only comes about with continual learning, SimpleBiz360 keeps the learning, well, rather simple.

Amazon Paperback Review - Jennifer Webb (11/21/19)

I ordered this book about a month ago. I am not a big reader due to my busy life (full time job, kids, technology distractions, etc) but the minute I picked up this book I couldn't put it down. It is super easy to read and is full of amazing advice/experiences from someone with 30+ years in sales/customer service industry. 

This is a book that everyone should be given in any customer service or sales position and a must have for small business owners. It's amazing how many companies are not doing these easy steps to ensure their customers are happy. We live in a time when we are trained to just suffer through horrible customer service. Jeffrey breaks down this book in very easy sections (listed as tools). I have already referenced it many times with my own company. Great tool if you are thinking about starting your own business.

Amazon Paperback Review - Mike McGovern (11/26/19)

 Jeff nails it when it comes to simple common sense, proven and timely guide for the business owner, or anyone interested in improving his selling/management skills while running a business. I love the easy to read yet information packed format. 

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who runs a business, is considering to do so, or runs a sales region (like me)." The vivid examples that Jeff uses throughout his book and blogs brings me right back to the basics. Stay away from the silen business killers (SBK's). 

Amazon Paperback Review - Jeff Randall (12/2/19)

This book is laid out in a simple, easy to follow format. Having known Jeff for several years, as well as having his company representing our company, the book is exactly what I expected. Jeff practices what he preaches. Always working to make sure the customer is taken care of, as well as going the extra mile. If you're a new company wanting to pick up a few techniques that will make you a better company, then read this book. It's not anything new under the sun but it is written in a simple format that idiots like myself can grasp. Good job, Jeff Mason.

Facebook Review - Gordon Manzione (12/7/19)

Our very own Jeffrey (Jeff) R. Mason is a fellow GL Classmate of '76 who has just penned his 'Timeless Business Tools' that has no expiry date. His know-how and street cred 'walks the walk' here and this in itself allows anyone in a sales position that reads it to "fear-not" by applying his 'tools of the trade' in every step along the Selling Process. Hey, Builders have their various 'tools' right? And so should we. I personally have almost 40 years experience in the selling industry and now finding myself reverting to Jeff's tools of trade checklists to ensure that I am covering all the bases. Like a good shopping list, you don't want to leave anything off it. So, if you continue in following his simple but effective tool lists you will win more business and be a more productive person as a result. This book is a must read! Thanks Jeff. P.S. It will also make a perfect Stocking Filler this Christmas and the next!

Amazon Paperback Review - Steve Gielda (12/5/19)

Outstanding read! What Jeff Mason did in 199 pages of text is to provide the reader a mini-MBA course in how to run an effective small business. Jeff's outstanding writing style provides realistic and relevant stories that any small business owner can relate to. This book provides the tools, processes and knowledge that business owners should know and provides direction on how to leverage the concepts effectively! 

Steve Gielda

Co-Founder Ignite Selling

Amazon Paperback Review - Chris G. (12/3/19)

This book by Jeff Mason conveys a plethora of excellent time tested business practices sure to improve your business. While these "tools of the trade" are geared to entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, small/medium business owners and Fortune 500 executives alike would be wise to read SimpleBiz360 as Jeff conveys thoughtful and logical business concepts that can only enhnace your individual performance and your company as a whole. Jeff's extensive experience in a wide range of industries over the years coupled with his wit and warmth make for an informative, "feel good" read--I look forward to the accompanying podcasts to come. 

Amazon Paperback Review - Brittney Baumgarten (12/5/19)

The title of this book is accurate: Timeless Business Tools. I'm not a business owner, but I still learned a lot about how to serve our customers in my current position. Jeff breaks down his proven successful strategies in a clear and direct way so you can take the ideas you already have and imnprove upon them using his tools. My boss was impressed with some of the ideas that can be applied anywhere! Jeff is a business inspiration and I am lucky that I am getting to know him through this book and his podcast. Thank you!

Greg Wiser (11/7/19)

From the first time I met Jeff in college, his perserverance, tenacity and passion shined through. All of these traits are alive and well within Jeff and SimpleBiz360. 

Jeff's common sense approach is refreshing in a world where basic business tools are rapidly disappearing. Jeff's timeless, tried and true advice is invaluable to any small business owner looking to run a successful company.

Independent Mortgage Banking Contractor

Doug Gittus (11/2/19)

I can't put it down. It is so easy to read and understand. The kids in High School should be reading this.

Amazon Paperback Review - Rick Diana (1/21/20)

One thing struck me immediately about Jeff Mason and his practical wisdom: his humility. As I ingested and reflected on his potpourri of practical advice, I couldn't help but dwell on Jeff's core values---love of God, family and country. Of course his love of teaching reasonates with a bang. I enjoyed being Jeff's teammate a few decades back as we yearned to become the utmost sales professionals possible by practicing our profession. We were indeed determined to make our place in the business world, however, our collective focus was always on the customer: Radio Dial WIIFM. Jeff cleverly and gently instructs how to succeed in a noisy economy with both timeless and timely advice. He is clearly a leader.

Amazon Paperback Review - Frank Horstman (12/9/19)

This book is a refreshing look at solopreneurs and their businesses. The author writes from the perspective of "being in the trenches." This really hit home with me after 21 years in the U.S. Army. The suthor never makes you feel like you need to do as he did. He just shows you the tools and and categorizes them in an easy to use format., for you to go to when you need that specific tool for your business. I have and will continue to recommend this book to fellow solopreneurs. 

Amazon Paperback Review - Cindy Gaylord (1/23/20)

Jeffrey Mason is a seasoned professional who offers sage business advice in the Tool Book. So many businesses today have lost the ability to communicate effectively. These valuable tips offered up by Jeff in SimpleBiz360: Timeless Business Tools, will not on;y help business professionals on any level but most certainly the solopreneur. The writing style is easy to follow and it feels as though you are sitting with Jeff over a cup of coffee as he is sharing his experiences.

Amazon Paperback Review - Papa G (12/7/19)

If you're looking for a book chalked full of practical tips for increasing your productivity and your bottom line, this is your book. You will find it is a book that you will refer to often to keep you on track for success!