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Reader Quotes

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"Jeff nails it when it comes to simple common sense, proven and timely guide for the business owner, or anyone interested in improving his selling/management skills while running a business." 

Amazon Reader Quote

 "Jeff cleverly and gently instructs how to succeed in a noisy economy with both timeless and timely advice. He is clearly a leader." 

Amazon Reader Quote

"Outstanding read! What Jeff did in 199 pages of text is to provide the reader a mini-MBA course in how to run an effective small business. "

Amazon Reader Quote

"I am not a big reader due to my busy life (full time job, kids, technology distractions, etc.) but the minute I picked up this book I couldn't put it down."

Amazon Reader Quote

"Jeff's extensive experience in a wide range of industries over the years coupled with his wit and warmth make for an informative, 'feel good' read--I look forward to the accompanying podcasts to come."

Amazon Reader Quote

"Jeff breaks down his proven successful strategies in a clear and direct way so you can take the ideas you already have and improve upon them by using his tools."

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"I personally have almost 40 years experience in the selling industry and now find myself reverting to Jeff's tools of the trade checklists to ensure that I am covering all the bases."

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"An artful and positive approach that goes beyond business and adopts common sense methods to human relationships."

Amazon Reader Quote

"The author never makes you feel like you need to do as he did. He just shows you the tools and categorizes them in an easy to use format to go to when you need that specific tool for your business."

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"Jeff writes in a casual and humorous style which makes reading his book akin to having a chat with an old friend."

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"If you're a new company wanting to pick up a few techniques that will make you a better company, then read this book."

Amazon Reader Quote

"The writing style is easy to follow and it feels as though you are sitting with Jeff over a cup of coffee as he is sharing his experiences."




SimpleBiz360™ consists of a book, programs, blogs and podcasts designed to assist solopreneurs and small businesses.

Twelve years ago, founder Jeff Mason started and still operates a one-person sales agency in the Upper Midwest.

Combining this business ownership with a career focused on continuous IMPROVEMENT, the concepts found in SimpleBiz360™ are proven, practical, effective, and simple.



SimpleBiz360™ timeless suggestions enable solopreneurs to earn quality Repeat & Referral customers, resulting in a better return on the investments of time and money.

The focus is on simple, business actions that are easy to understand, try and implement.


SimpleBiz360™ contains 255 IMPROVEMENT Tools arranged in eight operational areas.  

For example, expressing a genuine THANK YOU (Tool #70) is often overlooked and forgotten. Jeff personally bakes and delivers 2600-2900 cookies each December to demonstrate his authentic appreciation for customers.



SimpleBiz360™ desires to see you and your families benefit from small IMPROVEMENTS that deliver powerful and long-term results.

The first time Jeff improved from using a new business skill, the experience changed him forever. 

"Further developing my workplace skills became a continuous quest in fifth gear. Years later I was able to share and teach proven ideas that developed young professionals. Leading others to experience lightbulb growth moments became exciting, gratifying and contagious."


SimpleBiz360™ was created out of that enthusiasm in hopes of helping solopreneurs grow and develop.